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Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition
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Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition

Legal Information

US research and Reports

CIA Report on Trafficking of Women to US.pdf
DOS press release on Sanctions 2003.pdf
TIP 2002.pdf
TIP 2004.pdf
DOJ 2003 report-on US efforts to combat trafficking.pdf
TIP 2001.pdf
TIP 2003.pdf

International Legal

Brussels Declaration.pdf
OSCE Plan of Action.pdf
UN Convention Travaux Preparatoires.pdf
Convention on the Rights of the Child.pdf
Palermo Protocol.pdf

Legal Statutes

Austrialia Crimes 1914 Vol 01.pdf
Austrialia Crimes 1914 Vol 02.pdf
Austrialia CriminalCode1995.pdf
Canadian Model Toolkit and Legislation.pdf
International Marriage Broker Act 2003 House draft.pdf
International Marriage Broker Act 2003 Senate draft.pdf
State of Arizona Law on Trafficking.pdf
Texas State Law on Trafficking.pdf
Trafficking Victims Protection Act 2000.pdf
TVPA Reauthorization Act 2003.pdf
UK Nationality, Immigration, and Asylum Act 2002, sec 143-1.pdf
UK Sexual Offences Act 2003, sec 9-15.pdf
UK Sexual Offences Act 2003, sec 47-56.pdf
UK Sexual Offences Act 2003, sec 57-60.pdf
UK Sexual Offences Act 2003, sec 72.pdf
US Draft Model Legislation onTIP.pdf
US PROTECT, Act sec 105 Sex Tourism.pdf
Washington State Law on Trafficking.pdf

Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition
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Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition
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