How to Get Involved:  Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition needs your help in getting new legislation passed to mandate training to all law enforcement on commercial sexual exploitation of children, which is inclusive of human trafficking, teen prostitution, child sexual tourism, stripping, pornography, and internet crimes against children. Too many child victims go unidentified. In addition, all perpetrators who exploit a child should be mandated to register as a sex offender. As of now, ‘johns’ who have sex with a prostituted minor are not mandated to register as a sex offender. With your help we can make a difference in helping to rescue and restore child victims!
Contact BSCC for information on how you can help at info@bsccinfo.org

To volunteer for BSCC, please email us at info@bsccinfo.org and provide your name, phone, email address, best time to reach you and why you want to volunteer for BSCC.