“Saved in America” says it all.”

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by JW August, Communications Director for the BSCC

It’s a charity, a nonprofit, created to “save” victims or would-be victims from the clutches of sex traffickers in America. 

That’s the claim. Based in San Diego, “Saved”  travels the country raising money for its effort. 

   Its founder, Pastor Joseph Travers, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from generous San Diegans.   He has a fundraiser planned  this weekend at a restaurant located at 5487 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.  

Travers has arranged for a local news website to publicize his NEWEST effort to raise big dollars for a transitional safe home for children.  Travers seems to be implying there are no safe havens for children.

“San Diego Needs an Emergency Transitional Safe Home For Children”  

Read full article here: https://northcountydailystar.com/san-diego-needs-an-emergency-transitional-safe-home-for-children/

Recently, Travers used his appearance on KUSI-TV to promote SAVED IN AMERICA and another fundraiser at a Donald Trump Rally along Harbor Drive. 

On display in a parking lot was the 35-foot-long luxury recreational vehicle the County of San Diego gave Traver’s SAVED IN AMERICA to help fight sex trafficking. 

Travers says he has law enforcement skills and recruits other former law enforcement and retired Navy Seals to be part of the rescue efforts.  The pastor convinced former Supervisor Kristin Gaspar and other county officials to pay for the ‘undercover’ RV with its $10,000 paint job and name splashed along the side.   With Gaspar’s support, Travers was in line to run a San Diego County facility for trafficking victims similar to his current appeal for cash for a residential home.  But his early effort was thwarted by the county’s administrative office, which pulled back on the deal but has never explained why.   

It was during this time frame the two stories appeared on NBC7 regarding the pastor and Saved in America:

Full disclosure, I’m the communications director at BSCC and was the producer of the two stories about Travers while I worked at NBC7.  Travers’ recent efforts to raise more funds came to my attention and I felt it warranted an update.

When the NBC7 story first ran, a private investigator, Chris Reynolds, was interviewed because of his extensive knowledge of Travers’ history.  He was sued by Travers, claiming defamation.  But that lawsuit has been dropped, The attorney who filed it on behalf of Travers has not responded to follow-up questions, nor has Travers.