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Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition
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Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition

Goals & Objectives

Goal 1 :

To develop and maintain a financial foundation for ongoing sustainability.

Objective: BSCC has a full-time developmental staff person and a financial foundation for ongoing sustainability.

Scope of Services
Goal 2: BSCC has a full-person and a financial foundation for ongoing sustainability.

To continue creating through the collaborative efforts of coalition members, a gapless web of specialized services to address the diverse and special needs of the commercially exploited which includes human trafficking victims. BSCC will also continue to expand its capacity to effectively mobilize services to best meet the unique needs of men, women, and children who have been commercially exploited.

Determine and address gaps in services in the area of awareness, outreach and education, advocacy, and in particular:

  • Access to a safe house for at least 15 girls not probation cases
  • Access to self-sufficiency programs through coalition partner/member
  • Access to legal advocacy
Provide advocacy and training to:
  • Change the role of social workers
  • Address migrant rape

Staff Development
Goal 3 :

To establish BSCC’s credibility and reputation so that it is viewed as the authority on commercial and all other forms of exploitation including human trafficking.


Objective: BSCC provides each new employee training and continuing staff ongoing training and development, including training for all staff to be advocates, qualified to go to court to be expert witnesses, etc.

Replication of Model
Goal 4 : To continue to be an international model addressing issues of exploitation in the Western Hemisphere and as a basis of support for all border networks of services for victims of trafficking.
Objective: To continue to be a binational model including technical assistance and training to other border regions; a network to identify victims has been established.

Build Awareness
Goal 5: To continue designing and implementing public awareness campaigns to educate communities about sexual tourism and child exploitation, and to continue advocating for policy on a local, state, federal and international level.
Objective: Address the commercially exploited including human trafficking and raise awareness and accessibility with the collaborative assistance of the media and international partners.

Monitoring and Protecting
Goal 6: To continue monitoring and protecting the human and civil rights of exploited men, women, and children.
Objective: Train people who impact the exploited, e.g., probation officers, judges, City employees, DA staff, Juvenile Hall facility staff, law enforcement; establish stronger relationships with local, federal and international government officials; and monitor and advocate for the implementation of existing legislation.

Database Development
Goal 7: To further design and implement a binational information database system.

To firmly establish a binational information database including anecdotal and demographic information on trafficking victims so BSCC is considered a resource for data (trafficking and unaccompanied minors) and is the point of access to regional scientific data that will provide research studies on human trafficking and includes collaboration with educational institutions.

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Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition
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