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24-hr Trafficking Emergency Hotline
(619) 666-2757

The BSCC Trafficking Hotline is a direct link to the BSCC Trafficking Emergency Response Team. The Trafficking Hotline is bilingual and available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to assist victims, service providers, and law enforcement.

Who can call the Trafficking Hotline?

Trafficking Victims

-Ask for help
-Find protection and safety
-Find shelter, food, and clothing
-Find counseling and medical assistance
-Contact or help your family
-Prosecute your abusers

Community Clinics and Doctors

Social Services Agencies

Concerned Citizens

-Report a human trafficking case
-Request victim support services
-Request victim assessment
-Report the location of a trafficking operation, sweatshop,
labor camp, or brothel
-Help victims and their families in the United State and / or
-Report a missing or exploited child

Law Enforcement Personnel

-Request victim assistance during details
-Request victim assistance while on patrol
-Request victim support services
-Request assistance in Mexico

Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition
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Learn About Human Trafficking
Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition
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