The Human Trafficking Who: by Mollie Ah Sing

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What does VICTIM of human trafficking mean to you?
A victim of human trafficking is someone, male or female, adult or child, who is, by force, fraud, or coercion (mental or physical), subjected to do something they would not otherwise do, for little or no pay. A victim of human trafficking will have directly suffered psychological, spiritual, and/or physical harm through manipulative subjugation. A human can be trafficked for labor, sexual exploitation, or organs. A victim of human trafficking does not have to move from one place to another, but can be exploited in the very same space. A victim is coerced, mentally or physically, and forced into giving their life resources for another’s unjust benefit. A victim is a result of a system of violated human rights.

What does SURVIVOR of human trafficking mean to you?
A survivor of human trafficking is someone who has exited their dire situation (whether it is labor, sex, or organ related) by leaving, escaping, or being rescued. A survivor, after exiting, works, through service providers or other means, to establish a new and healthy life. A survivor may be of little or no means, documented or undocumented, male or female, child or adult. A survivor seeks to revitalize both mentally, spiritually, and/or physically. A survivor is in serious need of support by family, friends, the community, and service providers. A survivor has lived to seek justice for the crimes committed against them by regenerating a healthy lifestyle, releasing themselves from the clinging mental and psychological bonds, becoming an advocate, and/or seeking legal justice. A survivor is capable and working towards even greater freedom.
What does Re-Integrated person of human trafficking mean to you?
A re-integrated person of human trafficking is now a thriver in society. A thriver is no longer a victim or survivor of human trafficking. A thriver transitioned from a life of exploitation and a life of need and mental/spiritual/physical healing to become an independent, self-sufficient, and flourishing human being. A thriver has established healthy relationships within a community of people and operates in society in their own contributing niche. As a thriver, a history of human trafficking is recognized and acknowledged but no longer dictates how one interacts or operates in life. A thriver is actively engaged in achieving goals and dreams, big or little. A thriver has come full circle and become an indicator for hope and joy.
By: Mollie Ah Sing; Point Loma Nazarene Center for Justice and Reconciliation-Intern at BSCC