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Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition
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Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition


Goal 2: To maintain and expand a comprehensive, multifaceted network that provides optimal care, advocacy, and wrap-around services to men, women, and children who have been victimized by traffickers and held as slaves.
Objective: To continue creating through the collaborative efforts of coalition members, a gapless web of specialized services to address the diverse and special needs of the commercially exploited which includes human trafficking victims. BSCC will also continue to expand its capacity to effectively mobilize services to best meet the unique needs of men, women, and children who have been commercially exploited. Determine and address gaps in services in the area of awareness, outreach and education, advocacy, and in particular:

Access to a safe house for at least 15 girls not probation cases
Access to self-sufficiency programs through coalition partner/member
Access to legal advocacy

Provide advocacy and training to:

Change the role of social workers
Address migrant rape

Goal 6: To continue monitoring and protecting the human and civil rights of exploited men, women, and children.
Objective: Train people who impact the exploited, e.g., probation officers, judges, City employees, DA staff, Juvenile Hall facility staff, law enforcement; establish stronger relationships with local, federal and international government officials; and monitor and advocate for the implementation of existing legislation.

It is our belief that victims should be interviewed in a way that is non-threatening to them. Victims should also understand their rights and should be provided with appropriate crisis intervention, social services, and legal aide. This is also in the best interest of the prosecutor as a stable victim is a more cooperative witness. Once a victim is stable, he/she is more likely to come forward and make a statement or declaration. Our hope is that perpetrators will get the maximum punishment for their crimes.

Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition
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Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition
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