BSCC’s Programs

Parents Groups – “Dinner and a Movie”

We encourage all parents to join us during our parents groups in order to provide a strong support circle for our children. We believe that by educating parents, we can avoid children falling into traps or being coerced into doing activities that can potentially lead to trafficking. Marisa Ugarte provides heartfelt stories, statistics, internet safety tips, and goes over the signs of human trafficking. Together we can prevent and protect our children from all forms of trafficking.

Teen Awareness – “Teen Dating Violence & More”

BSCC believes that providing teens with knowledge is the best way to keep them safe. We go through all facets of a healthy relationship compared to an unhealthy one.  As part of the training, we go over the signs and recruitment tactics that a trafficker might use to control a teenager. In an effort to prevent a child from being trafficked, we encourage the newly trained group to speak to their peers in order to protect and learn from each other.

Children’s Awareness – “Pinocchio’s Journey”

During our Children’s Awareness groups, BSCC provides both the parents and the children tools to protect themselves from the dangerous influences that they might encounter. We use the Pinocchio Model which provides a kid-friendly story depicting trust, friendship, dangers of strangers and trafficking. After the presentation, the children are asked a series of questions to help them understand the presentation to a fuller extent.