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24-hr Trafficking Emergency Response Team

If you need help or would like to report suspicous activities you may contact us at or call the hotline at 619-667-2757.

The Trafficking Response Team is the collaborative effort of coalition members to provide on-call round-the-clock services to victims of trafficking and their families.

The team is deployed at the request of victims and / or their families, social service agencies, clinic staff and doctors, concerned citizens, and law enforcement personnel to provide support services.

Services include crisis intervention, trafficking assessment and identification, and assistance in the United States and Mexico.

Once a victim has been assessed and identified the team works closely with the victim, their family, and Law enforcement, to develop a victim assistance plan in order to move the victim from crisis to stability and re-integration into daily life.

When a victim has been stabilized and an assistance plan is in place, the team works with coalition members to provide services such as:

  • Shelter
  • Legal Aide
  • Immigration Relief
  • Witness Protection
  • Counseling
  • Case Management
  • Medical Services
  • Employment & Training

What to do in case of an emergency?

Immediate Injury or Death

If you are in immediate danger or under threat of death or injury please call 911 or you local law enforcement agency and then contact the trafficking response team at (619) 666-2757

For a list of law enforcement agencies click here.

Family Crisis

If you or your family is upset, crying, donít know what to do, or just want to talk, call your case manager or the Trafficking Hotline (619) 666-2757.

Reporting a Trafficking Victim Case (or) Suspected Trafficking Operation (or)

Requesting Assessment and Support Services

If, you are a victim of trafficking and require immediate assistance, or you are a family member of a victim of trafficking and require assistance, contact the Trafficking Response Team at (619) 666-2527.

If, you are a social service provider, clinician, doctor, or law enforcement personnel, contact the Trafficking Response Team at (619) 666-2757.

What if I have questions or need information?

If this is not an emergency and you are calling to request information, regarding your assistance plan, shelter, BSCC victimís center, BSCC programs, outreach and prevention, research and education for the community and law enforcement agencies, or bilateral legal aide, please call:

San Diego Office (619) 336-0770

Tijuana Office +01152 (664) 686-1717

*Se habla Español.

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